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Female Waxing

Initially it started out as just the male waxing company but due to quite a lot of requests from partners and women themselves we now do a full range of waxing for you ladies out there. Many have said that they cant find a good waxer that will do ALL areas including the intimate areas so here are the female prices. Certain areas are done with non strip wax which is kinder to the skin and also for coarse hair.

non strip wax used on all face areas
eyebrows £12 - £15
nostrils £10
top lip £10
top and bottom lip £10 - £15
chin £10
full neck £15
full face £30
upper body
underarms (non strip) £12
forearm inc. elbows and hands £18
full arms inc. hands £25
hands £10
small of back £10 - £15
snail trail £10
lower body
lower leg inc. knees £15
upper leg inc. knees £20
inner thighs £10
full legs inc. bikini line and feet £40
feet £10
full legs inc brazilian/hollywood + feet £60 - £75
intimate waxing
non strip wax used on all intimate areas
basic bikini line £20
high bikini line £25
high bikini line plus crack £30
brazilian (inc. underneath, strip and crack) £40
hollywood (everything off front and back) £40
crack £20
butt (strip wax) £15

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Please note there is a 50% charge payable if an appointment is cancelled without a 24hr notice period.

*minimum age 16 (passport or birth certificate required as proof - driving licences not accepted) unless parental consent given and escorted to the appointment but entirely at the discretion of the management.

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